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Family Photography Journey – Meet My Family       

My Princess and Little Monkey

As a mum of 2 kids my life has been an amazing adventure. I am so blessed to share so many happy moments with my family. We share a passion for exploring new places and getting out seeing all the best that Sydney has to offer. We love going to Markets and festivals, going to the movies, lots of picnics … ohh and did I mention we all share them same sweet tooth lol.

I started life as a professional artist and painter and enjoy sharing my passion for the arts with my kids. I remember the first time I took my son to the Art Gallery and he spent the whole time looking for “Dumb Dumb” from Night at the Museum.

As a family we paint and do crafts all the time. We especially love to make decorations for the holidays …. and I mean every holiday. We decorate the front door, the entrance way, the staircase, the works. Christmas is soooo much fun in our house. We even have two (yes two) 7 foot Christmas trees.

I have always had great love for travel and look forward to sharing many more adventures to come with my family. Having the chance to showcase my love for family photography is a life long dream.

Portraits Photography has been an amazing journey as well. I look at it as a brilliant artist medium that just captures so much love, joy and spontaneity. It is a passion my kids share as well, they are always running around with Instagram and Hipstamatic every where we go. To us its a visual journal of our lives and we love to share this with our friends and family. I love having a  family portrait to show the love and life we have. Family Photography has opened up for me an amazing journey of also helping other families share portraits of those they love.


Artist Bio


Simone Allaston is an Artist and Photographer completed her BA in Fine Arts at UWS. She later became interested in Jungian Psychology and the Surrealist Art movement. Simone earned her MA in Analytical Psychology in 2003.

“I have always been a lover of bold art. I love strong colours and the play of light in a work. I have always been curious about our dreams and subconscious and have explored these themes thru my work”.

Simone has travelled extensively thru Bali, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal & Tibet. The story of these countries and their people have influenced her artistic work greatly.

Simone’s current projects focus on portrait photography and journaling family stories.

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