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  • Simone Allaston is an Artist and Photographer completing her BA in Fine Arts at UWS.

    She later became interested in Jungian Psychology and the Surrealist Art movement. Simone earned her MA in Analytical Psychology in 2003.

    “I have always been a lover of bold art. I love strong colours and the play of light in a work. I have always been curious about dreams and the subconscious and have explored these themes through my work”.

Goldilocks Photoshoot

Goldilocks Photoshoot

In a 1837 version of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, Goldilocks doesn’t escape out of the house unharmed. Instead, she is simply torn apart and eaten by the bear clan. And that’s what you get for breaking and entering!! Welcome to the Dark Fairytale series… where you will get artistic licence to choose your own ending. This Workshop will be held Thursday 16/4 6pm at our Kellyville Studio.


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